This is what the UPS man will plop into your waiting arms. The box on the left contains the YF200 assembly tools (HIGHLY recommended) and the box on the right is the YF200-R1. Pretty cool huh? Well just wait until you open it, then you will really be amazed.
  Every box is clearly labeled.

Here are the assembly tools for the YF200-R1. These tools absolutely made putting the YF together much easier.

  TRT team driver Kathy Barton carefully inventories the parts using the assembly guide provided with the package.
  Perhaps the highlight of the package is the well written and comprehensive assembly instructions. This really shocked us since most karting companies omit this trivial little thing.
  Ya hoo! it s time to get dirty! Kathy drug out our surface plate(actually I carried the damn thing over to the table) and started surfacing the block. You will need to surface the engine mount bosses and the top of the cylinder bore.
  Kathy used a modified Arkansas stone to deburr the connecting rod bearing edges. Take care not to scratch the bearing surface or your local track crew will get to clean up your scattered YF200-R1.
  Kathy inserts all of the guide pins in the head and in the block.
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