This is the Dream Chaser as she exists in 2020. Lots of changes since the wrap went on the car in 2013. Best 1/8 mile was at Irwindale-6:08 112 mph. Best 1/4 mile was at Fontana-9.56 136mph. We race soley in Super Pro against vastly faster and more technologically advanced cars. We don't care. We view it as a problem to solve and challenge to overcome.
Because I like a healthy dose of angst and frustration from time to time, I construct Dream Chaser's various exhaust iterations. After the undercar system, I built a dual 2 into 1 system. The car ran great with that setup, but I managed to bend up one side of the system, so it was on to iteration number 3. That was a 4 into 1 side dump setup. I couldn't get the car to run well with that pipe, so I built this hybrid dual 2 into 1 pipe that that car seems to like better.
This is the 4 into 1 pipe I built. I am not giving up on this pipe. I need a dozen more test hits to find it's happy place.
This is the downshift level. A simple elegant way to downshift the car in shutdown.
This is engine #1. We bought another that we use as a spare that is totally stock. This dude has a Suzuki intake cam on the exhaust side. The runners in the head have been smoothed. This motor has the thin Cometic head gasket.I replaced the internal balancer with the APE dummy shaft. The shift shafts are APE tool steel pieces. The transmission gears have been tumbled. We played around with race fuel and the car ran slower. It appears to prefer AM/PM mini mart 91 octane.
We changed from 22" M&H Racemasters to 24" MT's The numbers in circles are durometer numbers. We spent a ton of time trying to dial in the gear ratio after the change. The car picked up .03 in the 60"
The chain adjuster I designed and built is easy to make at track chain adjustments. The car is very hard on chains. I use a pro stock bike chain and it still stretches. I have spent many unhappy hours working on chain issues.
I modified this VW engine stand to hold a Hayabusa.
You can dial in your power delivery to adjusting the phasing of the cams. You have to have adjustable cam gears to do this. I tweak the cams to make the motor a little softer on the hit and stronger above 7000rpm.
The driver's view today. Red button is launch control. The tach is from a Suzuki GSX750 and displays dealer F codes when your sensors start acting up. The mini plug is for the practice tree.
The individual pipes are close to equal length and away from the fuel system. So far, so good.
After years of running the Bosch Volvo fuel pressure regulator, we changed to a "race car" regulator. Works fine, just like the previous unit.
Retirement allows you to waste huge amounts of time on shiny bits. What you see is the MPS air cannon and electric over air control valve.
Pretty simple McGee design works well.
The MSD SB6 box works really well to control the 2 step, auto shift by RPM, shift delay, shift kill, launch delay and timing control. As a bonus, they threw in a decent DA system. The box is programmed from a laptop. If you think this wiring looks messy, you should have seen it in 2010. Every year I take out the wiring harness and look for ways to clean this up. Last year I made a map of the entire electrical harness and that help immensely when the gremlins show up. The first harness I used was built by Jeff Baxter in New York. I have since created two other harnesses for spares and experiements.
I never had a brake problem with the single caliper and now the thing really stops when you step on the pedal. McGee had already set up the chassis for dual calipers so the update was not the nightmare brake deals can be. The axle is an aluminum mini sprint axle.
We have settled in with 14/44 gearing shifts set to take place at 9500. We can run more RPM but the car spins the tires due to the light weight of the thing.
If you are going to do Hayabusa engine work, the Suzuki dealer shop manual is superb. Also, one handy thing I built was the board to hang your tranny pieces on. Saves a ton of grief when you build up the tranny shafts. Note the missing pieces. Second gear was sent out to APE for their undercut service.
At Irwindale on the 6.08 pass.
We really love Autoclub Fontana. Fairly smooth track, good shutdown, paved huge pit area and terrific track workers.