I love VW's for their simple elegant engineering. I have restored a 1967 VW II and this 1963 VW Type 1 next page

This is what happens when you have a shfter kart engine lying around and time on your hands. next page
Back around 2002, I wasn't happy with the performance of the engines I was building for karting. So, I built a dyno. next page
Sometimes it is very relaxing to take a block of wood and whittle. I combined that timeless activity with my love of cars. next page
This nasty habit started a dozen years ago, while meandering around in a local K Mart. I had hot wheels when I was a kid and I seriously wish I had that Deora today. I saw these little cars and the price was right, so I started "collecting" Hot Wheels cars that closely resembled race cars or actual sports/pony cars. Here is where the "collection" is today and yes, I know I should have left them in the packaging. next page