I was always drawing as a kid. I scribbled all over anything flat. Two occurances in my later grammar school years brought my love of drawing and illustration into focus. First my dad took me, one Saturday night, to the drag races in Irvine California. The moment we walked in the gate, I knew I had found an enduring love that, even today, has me quite smitten. The other was receiving my first PeeChee. The carryall folder for school papers had open inviting areas to doodle in. It didn't help that the PeeChee manufacturer already had line drawings all over it. I happily filled in every empty space with cars, graphical text, and any other thing that popped into my head. It started there, and this is where it is today.       
This is a '32 Ford Highboy hot rod created in Adobe Illustrator. I am pretty pleased with this piece. The body paint reflections and the tires were particularly difficult.
The holy grail of the VW hobby, a 1962 23 Window bus.
My favorite drag racing cars from the 60's and 70's were heavily modified English Ford Anglias. Again, created from Adobe Illustrator.
1969 Dodge Dart.If I were into the Cars and Coffee thing, this would be the car I'd take.
1998 Chevrolet Corvette (C3) My wonderful wife expressed insterest in having a drag racing car. I illustrated what I thought would be a suitable racer.
This was an exercise in transplanting classic drag racing paint jobs onto a modern Funny Car.
Lots of time went into recreating the text and graphical elements.
This is the motorcycle I dreamed about while in high school. 1974 Honda CR125 Elsinore. A revolutionary motorcycle in terms of power and handling. Lots and lots of is tiny bits demanding a ton of time spent on things you will never see.
When I had my kitchen remodeled, the electrician told me he loved motorcycles. I asked him what is favorite bike was. I had a coffee mug made with this illustration on it as a thank you gift. Suzuki RM125
My dream bike from the age of 11. Malcolm Smith rules in my world.
2005 Mazda Miata with a paint scheme I created using Photoshop.
This is a very different kind of illustration. This is a late 60's junior fuel dragster. I had my heart set on driving on of these little monsters since I started high school. This illustration was modeled in Maya, a 3D modeling, texturing and rendering program. Every object you see here is created as a 3D object and assembled. The paint job is very difficult as it has to lie across a three dimensional shape.
I created this Porsche 912 as a present to a friend from my teaching days. This is his pride and joy and he was pleased to get an illustration of it.
I have owned a VW van and a beetle. This illustration was difficult due to the fact the car has no straight surfaces.
This was very challenging. 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. Again, no straight surfaces and lots of tricky shadow and relief areas.
1969 Don Long chassis Top Fuel Dragster. These were the kings of the sport in the day and remain a beautiful, elegant vehicle.
Paint from a dominant racer in the 90's transplanted onto a modern fully car.
This is an illustration in Adobe Illustrator of my dirt bike from my college days. 1975 Can Am MX 175
My brother showed some promise on a bike, so my folks bought him a state of the art Yamaha YZ125c.
This is a fantasy bike. A Honda XR500 engine in a custom off road frame.
The awesome McLaren M20 Can Am car from the early 70's
This is the template for creating custom paint work for your iRacing car.